LDPE packing film

We produce kifferent kind of LDPE film on request. Size of the film from 600-3200 mm. We can colour the film on your request to any colour.

  • They are good sanitary secure and also for packing and securing against dust, moisture, atmospheric and environmental conditions.
  • These packages can be modified in order to extend freshness of packed products and microbes protection, and also temperature resistance (cold stores)
  • Foil bags for fruits and vegetables, made from our foil, make the package look effective and esthetic, protect against opening, reinforce whole package.
  • Wide use in food industry, gardening, market gardening, trade and households.
  • These packages are soft and transparent.
  • They can be coloured, and made as one layer or two layers with print or plain.
  • We can make perforation to carry away air, moisture and others.
  • Slip and shine
  • We can offer foil bags with following parameters:
  • Width: 8 – 130cm
  • Thickness: 0,02 – 0,15mm (20µ – 150µ)
  • Welding temperatures: 160 – 240oCoC.
  • Low temperatures: -40oC oC
  • We kindly give advice and help for the best solution

white and black film

We offer film for lamination, different sizes, produced upon request.


LAMINATIO® is the registered trade name of multilayer films manufactured using solvent-free lamination technology by layering the individual films (two layers – duplex, three layers – triplex). Thanks to lamination, it is possible to combine various materials such as PE, BOPP, CPP, PET, AL, and paper. This leads to maximum utilisation of the properties of the individual layers and therefore each layer fulfils its function in the packaging.

Laminated films are intended for the manufacture of flexible packaging for foodstuffs, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, pet food, etc. The films conform to demanding requirements for barrier properties, health safety, appearance, and functionality. Laminated films are distinguished by high mechanical strength, ruggedness, and environmental resistance. The films are suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. Up to 10 colours may be used for printing the films.

stretch film

Our stretch films in linear low density polyethylene are extruded through a blown technology (flat head) in 3 and 5 layers and they are available in a version for use on automatic pallet wrappers and for manual packing.

These kind of films represent the best solution for each packaging needs even for those ones more angular thanks to their superior technical properties like high elongation capacity, exceptional puncture and tear resistance. On request, automatic stretch films can be produced: one side cling, outside cling, cling both side, external slippery, colored, with antistatic and /or UV treatment. The automatic type is available in different sizes and percentages of pre-stretch.