Mag-Plast is one of Polish leading companies for recycling of PET material and supplier of machineries for recycling of PET boottles and films



Mag-Plast represents Anodoro Ltd on the Polish and German market


In our range machineries for PET recycling:

- colour sorters for PET flakes

- electrostatic sorters for PET flakes

- washing lines for PET recycling

- laboratory equipment for testing of PET

- extrusion lines for PET film

- sorting lines for PET bottles

- conveyors


We offer wide range of

  • PET flakes from bottles
  • PET flakes from film

cold and hot washed

colours: blue, green, transparent white, mix colour


Packing: 1000-1250 kg wooden pallets

Heavy metals free


We sort the PET flakes on colour sorters to transparent, green, blue colour. We sort out PVC labels, and ferrous and not ferrous metals. The purity of our PET flakes is below 50 ppm.


We work with washing and sorting lines which are based on best technology, Anodoro Ltd. brand.

We give your bottles the second LIFE